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Moving out of house increases your chance of covid infection and is also a risk for healthworkers. we will not be able to examine you but by talking to you and examing the pictures of your throat we can give symptomatic treatment. if your symptoms do not improve you can consult onsite with me at Artemis Hospital. It is extremely useful for old follow up patients (more than 8000) who have seen me at 3 senses clinic whose complete history and examination findings are available to me in database. This does not replace the conventional method of treatment but is essentially a temporary method to take care of you in the event of lockdown.
Dr shashidhar takes no liability whatsoever in case your illness is not better or is worsened. tele consultation is also extremely useful for us to decide if you are having any serious illness or need urgent care so that adequate advice can be given to you.
It is helpful if you can send the photographs of your involved part i.e ( throat , tongue , tonsills etc an email at after you have scheduled an online consult ) .we wish to reach out to you in this difficult times and hope to keep you healthy and safe at home ..
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