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3 senses clinic

The team that cares

If you are looking for best ENT surgeon i have to disappoint you, there is no such doctor as best ent doctor. In fact if you search ent doctors on google , almost all of them will be qouted as best ent doctors. Its more of marketing gimmick and trap in which patients often fall into. Medical council of india does not award best doctors to any one and neither is there a yard stick to judge all doctors on one scale.  Read my blog on how to choose your doctor. All it takes is 15 of complete history taking and comprehensive examination to arrive at a clinical diagnosis. This may decrease all un neccessary investigations and helps to build confidence which is so important for success of treatment.

 In a world where expertise and opinions are freely available, confusion clouds the mind while you need to make the choice.  The bottomline is you need to choose a team which is uniquely skilled, Honest , ethical and really puts care in front of everything. Our team of doctors live the philosphy and follow the same in their private clinic..

Why Artemis Hopital?
several of the Ent Problems required Multi speciality appraoch and cutting edge technology for diagnosis. Doing the work up  in Hospital setting saves time , Energy and delivers a very high level of Health care. Safe Surgery and Complex procedures can only be done in Big Set up with multispeciality back up.
why 3 senses ENT clinic for you?


We realise, not every one wants to come to the hustle of big hospitals. To have the convenience of access near locality we have three establishments in Gurgaon. You get the care of same best doctors at your conveneince on days you choose and place you choose. These clinics are very well equiped and give you the one to one interaction at cost of clinic consultation.

Ideal for quick consults and getting second opinions , we help when you cant make it to the hospital.


1) 3 senses clinic at - Dr shashidhar Tb

c101, arcadia , south city -2, gurgaon ph-7042984357


2) 3 senses clinic at -Dr Vijay Verma,

909,Near main Gurgaon, Huda Market, Sector 31, Gurgaon, Haryana 122001,  Phone:+91 96545 48324


3) 3 senses clinic at old gurgaon- Dr Anish Gupta


Railway Road, GurgaOld Railway Road, New Basti, Sector 8, Gurgaon. Basement of Gupta Watch Landmark: Opp. Bank Of India & Super bakery, Gurgaon, Ph 9899334733

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