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Dr Shashidhar 
Head of ENT department
Artemis Hospitals
Pediatic ENT and Airway Surgeon 
Head of ENT and Head Neck Surgery Artemis Hospital Gurgaon
Dr. Shashidhar TB


IDr Shashidhar TB is an exceptionally talented, hard working, dedicated consultant ENT and Head and Neck surgeon with enormous experience in handling challenging cases. His clinical interests include airway reconstruction, treating swallowing disorders, sleep apnea surgery, general ENT to go along with pediatric ENT. Considering his international exposure (abroad training), 

Medical excellence award 2014
Times of India- Rising star in ENT award for NCR-2019
Asian achievers award 2020- Asia today research media- 2020

Award winning ENT clinic 


Dr Shashidhar

Head of ENT and Senior Consultant
Pediatric ENT and Airway Surgery 
Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon

Pediatric ENT problems


Childhood cold and cough are challenging problem. They cause recurrent fever, breathing problems , hearing problems and sleep disturbance. Over a long time , this will cause growth and permanent changes in the child. It is freqeuntly treated by medicines and precautions but some times may need surgical intervention to prevent irreversable damage. Get a complete evaluation and treatment

Snoring and Airway Obstruction

Obstructive sleep aonea may present as simple snoring or as severe as heart failure. the quality of life is dependent on how well you sleep. If you have snoring issues, lack of freshness in sleep or choking issues- you need to be thoroughly evaluated by fibreoptic endoscopy and sleep study. Laryngo tracheal stenosis and other causes of complex airway stenosis need expert hands for successful management.. rely on us for complete A-Z airway care..

Early Cancer screening and treatment

If you are a smoker , tobacco or alcohol user or even if you have a family history of cancers, you are at risk of the most common cancer in India - Head Neck Cancers. This type of cancer can be often picked up early when they are completely treatable. More so, before developing in cancer ,there may premalignant lesions which are warning signs of cancer which need to be looked up. Depend on us for a thorough cancer treatment..



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